Eject by Mathieu Bich

Eject by Mathieu Bich, a trick where cards eject by themselves from a deck of cards

The magic happens by itself... literally !!!!!

More a principle than a trick, you will have to experiment to get it perfect...

The "DoYouMagicYourself" tricks will be build by yourself. Get cheaper price than what you would pay in a shop because YOU will make the necessary gimmicks and the props.

Easy to make. You will use simple props you already have in your house (scissors, glue, tape...)

In our tricks the complexity to build gimmicks (called DYMY difficulty range) goes from 1 to 5. As an example, 1 would be cutting a card in half, and 5 would be making an acrobatic card !

PDF explanation -DYMY Difficulty range : 2 out of 5

Comes with:: Downloadable PDF (10 Pages)


Eject is only available as a digital download on our PDF selling platform, you will be able to read it instantly ;-)