Fused by Mathieu Bich

Picture fo Mathieu Bich performing Fused in Las Vegas, an amazing torn and restored card effect

Give the most magical souvenir to your spectator  !

With Fused you will learn how to make a torn and restored picture with ANY signed picture. !

You will be able to restore the picture the normal way or in a missmade position AND give it as a souvenir to the spectator

You will print directly the pictures with your computer using your regular printer and ordinary paper.. You will easily customize the pictures with your onw pictures. You will get an amazing bonus sequence qhere mathieu will teach ALL his work on cards with the fused principle.

Making the gimmick with the pictures is quite easy and quick (it can be done by a 9 years old kid). Detailed explanation in English viewable online

Comes withs: a 2 hours Streaming video explanation

 Fused - 39$

If you want to perform the missmade card version of Fused, you will need to buy  missmade card refills at Specfial price on our Cards Refills and Accessories page  by CLICKING HERE

Fused is only available thru Vimeo Streaming service. You will have to create a FREE vimeo account to be able to watch it thru a private link.