iShatter by Mathieu Bich

Ishatter is a magical effect where you give the illusion to break the screen of the spectator's phone.

A new illusion in which a borrowed phone's screen appears broken and than is miraculously restored before the spectator's very eyes. Its quick, easy to perform, and highly visual!
Once you have iShatter, you won't want to stop performing it. Its great as a magical effect, or even as a gag! Perform it independently, or just after iSlide, on a borrowed phone.

Even when the telephone is in the "shattered" state, the phone is fully functioning thus enhancing the power of the illusion!

iShatter is very visual... The illusion is perfect !

Differents handlings are explained on the DVD, including the Easy handling (no sleight of hand required) with the special cloth included). All material to perform this effect is included.

Highly visual & Easy to perform

Both tricks are performed with borowed phones. Tthe gimicks has been selected based on the popularity of the cellphones actually sold ...

iSlide and iShatter are compatible with : Black iPod Touch, iPhone 1, Black iPhone 3G, Black iPhone 3GS , Black iPhone 4, Black 4S , et Black iPHONE 5, (About 300 Millions phones … in 2012)