StarSystem by Benoit Campana & Mathieu Bich

Eject by Mathieu Bich, a trick where cards eject by themselves from a deck of cards

StarSystem is a revolutionary method to learn a memorized deck or even multiple 52 cards stack in very short time.

The major problem with usual methods is that you need to memorize 52 images that doesn’t make sense. The quantity of images and their lack of logic makes them really difficult to remember !

StarSystem uses a unique approach. You WON’T have to memorize 52 images or 52 positions ! That ’s why you will be able to memorize a stack of 52 cards with almost no memorization and in a short amount of time.

With StarSystem you will know the order of the cards and their position.

With Our method you won’t even need a deck of cards… You will also learn 3 mentalism tricks that use directly our StarSystem and as a bonus you will learn a new principle to reveal a card over the phone.

Comes with: Detailed PDF (42 pages) + online videos (1h30)


StarSystem is only available as a digital download on our PDF selling platform, you will be able to read it and watch the videos instantly ;-)