The Deck Spinner by Mathieu Bich

Created for magicians, deck of cards lovers and fidjet users, the Deck Spinner by Mathieu Bich is a small clip you will snap onto any poker size deck. It will transform your deck of cards into a very cool hand spinner !

You use it with or without a cardcase, you can rotate it like any hand spinner (using two hands), but you also have a few other ways to play with it (like the one hand spin, the infity spin, the tilt spin...) some of them are only possible with this very special fidjet spinner… 

You can use it as a deck display or even just to keep the cards ordered in your pocket when you dont to use a card cardcase !

Comes with an online 20min Video Explanation  

Created in PETG plastic + Two specialy designed ball bearings

PETG parts are designed to work in extreme environments, suitable both for interior and most exterior use (with temperatures below 80 °C). It is resistant to impacts, oils, acids, alkalis, water, UV light and greases.

The Deck Spinner - 20$

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