Vertical Deck Stand by Mathieu Bich

The Vertical Deck Stand (VDS) has been created to display your most beautiful decks of cards

You can place one deck of cards into the VDS. It will fit your favorite poker size playing cards.

The VDS is available in strong black plastic or Bronze

The Plastic used for our VDS is PETG. It is deisgned to work in extreme environments, suitable both for interior and most exterior use.
(with temperatures below 80 °C).
It is resistant to impacts, oils, acids, alkalis, water, UV and greases.

The Bronze version is made from a very special material composed of 80% Bronze / 20% PLA Plastic.
It looks like and is heavy like bronze because it’s 80% bronze

The Bronze version is much more expensive, not only because of the cost of the material but mostly beacuse it needs a special polishing process that can only be done by hand ! (a machine would create too much heat and ruin it)

Vertical Deck Stand Plastic Edition : 29$
Vertical Deck Stand Bronze Edition : 69$

Version :

Custom VDS can be designed, do not hesitate to ask

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